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We care deeply about the people we serve.
We pursue excellence every day.
We continually seek to improve.
We want to be the best.

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For GPs

Are you a GP committed to excellence?

Do you care deeply about helping patients?

Do you want to keep innovating and improving?

Perhaps we are the right place for you.

We strive to provide world-class administrative and nursing support to our GPs.

We want GPs to focus on being the very best they can be.
We want to make work enjoyable.

Your colleagues will be excellent, helpful and friendly.

We are a growing business. Our patient load has increased by 15-20% per year for the last six years.

We privately bill. Our patients highly value their time with us.

We work hard at getting our GPs busy.

Our GPs love working with us.

We regularly audit our data to provide feedback so that you can keep getting better.

We participate in regular improvement cycles to increase the care we provide to our patients.

We have three practices and are looking for new GPs at all 3 locations. We will be opening another practice in 2023.

If you feel we are the right fit for you, please click the 'contact us' link above.

For Nurses

Are you an amazing nurse who loves helping people and is always looking to improve?

We might be the right place for you.

Our nursing team are integral to the high level of care we provide to our patients.

Our nursing team roles are quite varied. You will be doing a mixture of jobs throughout your day. There will be a lot of face to face patient time.

Our nurses provide a lot of health coaching to patients.

Our nursing team have excellent relationships with patients and GPs.

To succeed in this role you will need to enjoy helping others with care and excellence while always looking to improve.

If you feel we are the right fit for you, please click the 'contact us' link above.

For Admin

We saw over 100,000 patients last year. A lot of support is required for the clinical team to help them see this many people.

Qualities that will see you win in this role:
1. You like learning and doing new things. Your role will change due to the current nature of the pandemic.
2. You get energised by helping others.
3. You will need excellent skills in data entry.

You will be helping us to help others. We can't do our work without you.

If you feel we are the right fit for you, please click the 'contact us' link above.