Phone (02) 6109 0000


Making Appointments

It is easy to book online. If you wish to call, please advise which practice you would like to visit and your preferred GP.

You will be booked with your regular GP where possible. If your usual GP is not available, you are welcome to see another GPs at Crace, Denman or Lyneham. They will have full access to your computer record. Your usual GP will be able to view that consultation at your next visit.

If you think your appointment will require longer than fifteen minutes, please book a long appointment.

If you wish to book a skin check or a mental health care plan, please advise reception so they can make the appropriate length appointment.

If you wish to cancel your appointment, please give as much notice as possible.  Missed appointments without notice will attract a $40 fee.

Urgent Bookings

A proportion of appointments are reserved for urgent bookings each day.

You can secure an 'on the day' appointment by booking online after midnight or by calling from 8 am.  If fully booked, we will try to find an appointment for you if your need is urgent.

When fully booked, you can request a fit-in appointment. You can book on the fit-in list online. We will try our best to help you.


Payment is required at the time of consultation. The GPs do not bulk bill.
Standard appointment fees are $108 ($90 for pensioners) with a Medicare rebate of $41.20. Longer appointments over 20 minutes are $195 ($165 for pensioners) with a Medicare rebate of $79.70.

Skin checks with Dr Karen Jenkins are $180 with a $41.20 rebate. For consults longer than 20 minutes the fee is $220 with a rebate of $79.70.

Saturday morning (Crace practice only) standard consultation appointments are $135 with a rebate of $41.20. Appointments over 20 minutes are $205 with a Medicare rebate of $79.70.


If a procedure or any other appointment is made, fees will be advised beforehand.

All Workers' Compensation/Third Party cases are required to pay at the consultation time.

Missed appointments will be attract a $40 fee. Further appointments will not be able to be made until the missed appointment fee is paid in full.


There is easy and plentiful parking right outside the practice, including disabled parking.

Languages Spoken- English

A phone interpreter can be provided if necessary. Please advise the language spoken and preferably give us a few days notice to organise an interpreter.

For our deaf patients we use the National Relay Service.


Your privacy is very important to us.  Patient information is kept confidential. You may request our full privacy policy from reception or access it at the bottom of this webpage.

Medical Certificates

A medical certificate is a legal document. Certificates cannot be backdated.

Certificates will not be issued unless the GP is consulted.


The majority of results are notified via SMS.
Any urgent results will be notified via phone call.

Your results will be available online to view through your MyHealthRecord or MyDHR.

ACT Pathology results are available to view immediately through MyDHR or the MyHealthRecord.

Capital Pathology and Laverty Pathology results are available to view through your MyHealthRecord 7 days after the results have been processed.

Contacting Your Doctor

Your GP can be contacted during business hours. Your GP will only take urgent calls at the time.

Non-urgent calls will be taken as a message and your call will be returned.

Please where possible let reception know what your call is regarding.

Repeat Prescriptions

We request that you attend for review for a repeat prescription. This is best practice medicine. At your doctor’s discretion a repeat prescription may be done without an appointment. This will be done in exceptional circumstances. An administration fee of $30 will apply.  Please allow four working days.


E-mail to reception is not secure.  Please take care in disclosing confidential information.

If you would like to forward a document to your doctor, please send to
Clinical advice cannot be given via emial.


Your GP values preventative health care. You will be notified via SMS of reminders when due.

Afterhours Care

Canberra Afterhours Locum Service (CALMS), please call 1300 422 567. 

CALMS provide us a summary of your visit.

Click on the Afterhours link on the right sidebar as well to see other options for care.


Accredited with AGPAL (Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited).

Teaching Practice

YourGP is a teaching practice. Third year medical students from the ANU sit in with our GPs. We host one student in the practice for six week rotations, six times each year. Medical students appreciate participating in your care. We consider patients an important part of the teaching team. If your GP has a medical student you will be advised. You may decline to have a medical student present during your consultation.

We also teach and provide supervision to GP registrars. A registrar is a fully qualified doctor who is undertaking further training in General Practice. Registrars have several years postgraduate experience in the hospital system. General practice training involves two years of work under a GP supervisor. Registrars are required to sit the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners fellowship exams.

Suggestions or Complaints

We appreciate any suggestions about how to improve our service.

You can provide us with feedback by filling in a feedback form in the waiting room and leaving it in the feedback box, e-mailing, or call us on 6109 0000 and ask to speak to the practice manager.

If we are unable to resolve your complaint you may make an official complaint to the Community & Healthcare Complaints Commissioner, GPO Box 321, Canberra. ACT. 2601.

Privacy Policy

YourGP privacy policy
Reviewed Aug 2023

This privacy policy is to provide information to you, our patient, on how your personal information (which includes your health information) is collected and used within our practice, and the circumstances in which we may share it with third parties.
Why and when your consent is necessary
When you register as a patient, you provide consent for the GPs and practice staff to access and use your personal information so they can provide you with the best possible healthcare. Only staff and clinicians who need to see your personal information will access it. If we need to use your information for anything else, we will seek additional consent from you to do this.
Why do we collect, use, hold and share your personal information?
The practice will need to collect your personal information so the GPs can provide healthcare services to you. The main purpose for collecting, using, holding and sharing your personal information is to manage your health. It will also be used for related business activities, such as financial claims and payments, practice audits and accreditation, and business processes (eg staff training).
What personal information do we collect?
The information collected about you includes:
• names, date of birth, addresses, contact details
• medical information including medical history, medications, allergies, adverse events, immunisations, social history, family history and risk factors
• Medicare number (where available) for identification and claiming purposes
• healthcare identifiers
Dealing with us anonymously
You have the right to deal with your GP and the practice anonymously or under a pseudonym, unless it is not practical for us to do so, or unless required or authorised by law to only deal with identified individuals.
How do we collect your personal information?
The practice will collect your personal information:
1. When you make your first appointment, practice staff will collect your personal and demographic information via your registration.
2. During the course of providing medical services, we may collect further personal information through Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (eTP), MyHealth Record/PCEHR system, eg via Shared Health Summary, Event Summary.
We may also collect your personal information when you send us an email, telephone us, make an online appointment or communicate with us using social media.
3. In some circumstances personal information may also be collected from other sources. Often this is because it is not practical or reasonable to collect it from you directly. This may include information from:
• your guardian or responsible person
• other involved healthcare providers, such as specialists, allied health professionals, hospitals, community health services and pathology and diagnostic imaging services
• Medicare, or the Department of Veteran's Affairs (as necessary).
Who do we share your personal information with?
We sometimes share your personal information:
• with third parties who work with our practice for business purposes, such as accreditation agencies or information technology providers – these third parties are required to comply with Australian Privacy Principles and this policy
• with other healthcare providers
• when it is required or authorised by law (eg court subpoenas)
• when it is necessary to lessen, or prevent a serious threat to a patient’s life, health or safety or public health or safety, or it is impractical to obtain the patient’s consent
• to assist in locating a missing person
• to establish, exercise or defend an equitable claim
• for the purpose of confidential dispute resolution process
• when there is a statutory requirement to share certain personal information (eg some diseases require mandatory notification)
• during the course of providing medical services, through Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (eTP), MyHealth Record/PCEHR system (eg via Shared Health Summary, Event Summary).

Only people that need to access your information will do so. Other than in the course of providing medical services or as otherwise described in this policy, our practice will not share personal information with any third party without your consent.
We will not share your personal information with anyone outside Australia (unless under exceptional circumstances that are permitted by law) without your consent.
Our practice will not use your personal information for marketing any of our goods or services directly to you without your express consent. If you do consent, you may opt-out of direct marketing at any time by notifying our practice in writing.
How do we store and protect your personal information?
Your personal information will be stored at our practice primarily as electronic records. We will store your paper records when they have been transferred by another practice.
Our practice stores all personal information securely.
We protect your personal information by:
• securely locking away paper files or scanning them into your electronic record
• highly secure and protected medical record IT systems
• confidentiality agreements for staff and contractors

How can you access and correct your personal information at our practice?
You have the right to request access to, and correction of, your personal information.
Our practice acknowledges patients may request access to their medical records. We require you to put this request in writing. Our practice will respond within a reasonable time of within thirty days. There will be an administrative fee which be advised.
Our practice will take reasonable steps to correct your personal information where the information is not accurate or up-to-date. From time-to-time, we will ask you to verify your personal information held by our practice is correct and up-to-date. You may also request that we correct or update your information, and you should make such requests in writing to Attention Practice Manager email:
How can you lodge a privacy related complaint, and how will the complaint be handled at our practice?
We take complaints and concerns regarding privacy seriously. You should express any privacy concerns you may have in writing. We will then attempt to resolve it in accordance with our resolution procedure.
Please contact us via:
Attention Practice Manager through OR
YourGP@Crace, 1/5 Baratta St, Crace, ACT, 2911.
YourGP@Denman, 1B Felstead Vista, Denman Prospect, ACT, 2611.
YourGP@Lyneham, 1/62 Brigalow St, Lyneham, ACT, 2602
Call us on 02 6109 0000 (please note one number for all practices) and ask to speak to the practice manager

We will endeavor to respond to your complaint within thirty days.

You may also contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner. For further information visit or call the OAIC on 1300 363 992.
Policy review statement
Our policy will be reviewed annually or earlier if there are changes to the Australian Privacy Principles.